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Life is pretty busy for most of us these days and there is always something demanding our  attention causing the things we really desire to be put aside, sometimes indefinitely.    

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Sometimes it is "me" time that is lost and sometimes it is time for family and friends and, try as you may, finding a perfect solution just seems impossible.

Money is usually a factor too, we have such high demands of life these days and cutting back is not currently fashionable.  We want it all and we want it NOW !      

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Each person in each situation is unique and, although others may appear to be chasing their tails too, each has a different reason for doing what they do.  If you have made changes in your life but always end up back in the same place then it is time to take a look at why this happens and find unique ways to change things forever.  

It is possible to get it right and make life more personally fulfilling but first you have to look at the underlying reasons which create your actions and life decisions.  This is associated with the laws of attraction but it is not a one size fits all law of attraction, it is about looking within to find the reason why you are not thriving in life.  Once you discover the reason the rest is easy and, best of all, the change is permanent

Whether you want more time, more money or something completely different then it might be time to seek new solutions to old problems. The journey will begin with personalised self-knowledge.  You may think "I know myself" and this is true at conscious levels.  It is the deeper more unconscious levels that need tweaking so that a new outer life can begin.

The solution may be something completely unexpected

............ and it may be simpler than you think.    

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Testimonial: I had done a fair bit of work over the years before my work with Hazel. I thought through understanding (of why events happened) alone that everything would change. I was wrong! The work I did with Hazel showed me understanding was part of it; changing how I did things in life was also important. The practical parts of our sessions were the hardest for me but where I noticed the most change in my life. It's where I learnt that when life is not's less about the other people and more about me. If I'm centered, life is centered!! Thank you to whatever universal push helped me to arrive at Hazel's site and a massive thank you to Hazel for guiding me to where I am today!  Kylie-anne, Canberra, Australia

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Small Group Courses 2017, Cairns Queensland

4 Week Self Discovery and Personal Development Courses

You and your relationships
You and your Money
Meeting your resistant personality (the one that stops you from winning)
Private sessions in person or via Skype are also available @ $100.00 per session


4 week Course – You and your relationships
Astrology and Life Coaching with Hazel

This is a self-discovery course which highlights the specific ways you relate to other people.  Relationships can be improved and changed as a result of inner change.  First you have to know and understand what your needs are in a relationship.  This will set the pattern for all relationships, not just the romantic and long term ones, any relationship can be improved. Your needs cause you behave in a particular way towards people.  If you change the way you behave then the relationship and the outcomes change.  “Know Yourself” and change your life

Limit 4 places – bookings and deposit essential
Saturday 1,8,22 and 29 April 2017, 2.30 to 4.30 pm. Cost $200.00
Cairns Spiritual Centre, 1/194 Spence St Bungalow

Telephone Hazel: 0438 318 180

Testimonial: This has probably been one of the most empowering courses I have been to.  It is not just knowledge to store away as we were given personal and practical exercises to try each week and I noticed the changes in my responses to others and theirs to me.  I look forward to the changes that are occurring.  Every day there are subtle differences that make me feel whole and happy and as though I am finally learning to master life but with very little effort on my part.
Kerri-lyn Queensland


4 Week Course – You and your Money
Astrology and Life Coaching with Hazel

Some people may think that financial matters are not spiritual but the laws of attraction are about many things and our connection to spirit is vital for our holistic wellbeing.  This is another of my self-discovery courses which will enhance your life in more ways than one.  This course is about practical considerations regarding money, it is about you and your unconscious beliefs about money, it is about how your beliefs manifest in life and what you can do to make changes – the easy way. 

Although I am saying “the easy way” and you can expect miracles there is a bit of work to do first so if you are interested in some self-discovery regarding money and are motivated towards change I would love to work with you. 

This course requires a fairly accurate time of birth because the course content is “about you”

Limit 4 per course – bookings and deposit required
Saturday 6 to 27 May 2017 – 2.30 to 4.30 pm $200.00
Cairns Spiritual Centre, 1/194 Spence St Bungalow

Telephone Hazel: 0438 318 180

Testimonial: Originally, I contacted Hazel in 2000 to help me deal with a difficult time in my life. I think I wanted her to work miracles, and that just wasn't to be, BUT - she accurately assessed the situation and helped me through the bad spots until I was able to see daylight again. Unfortunately, I went right back to my bad habits and our paths didn't cross again until a couple of years ago. Once more, my life was falling apart and who better to call upon than Hazel? She never disappoints. This time, I was ready to hear what she had to say and to truly LISTEN. Hazel is a gifted astrologer, but she is something more, far more, than that. She is a person who has the ability to see beyond the charts and into your mind. There have been times, too many, that I wished she'd been wrong. Times I didn't want to hear what she had to say. Thankfully, Hazel has been blessed with infinite patience and knowledge of human nature and so, once again, she has helped me  to change my life for the better.  Thank you, Hazel, for helping to make my life better. These days, i am thankful for the many blessings in my life. One of those is you, Hazel! An amazing astrologer and life coach.  Judy from Texas



Meeting your Resistant Personality
(the one that stops you from winning)

Whatever you are trying to achieve in life can be limited by inner personality resistance.  Since our unconscious rules about 80 percent of our lives it is important to know how we might be resisting success and growth and what we can do to change this.

So what is this resistance all about? 

If life seems to fall short of your desires and there is something you feel stuck on then most likely something inside you is limiting progress.

Healers, counsellors and motivators too will feel frustrated at the lack of progress in clients which might relate to inner personality resistance. 

Qantum physics tells us that if you can see something, you can change it, but you have to be aware of exactly what is blocking your success and understand why. During this course we will explore ways for you to identify resistance and, once identified, ways in which resistance can be overcome. It is easy to say “let go” but what do you need to let go of?

Dates to be advised $200.00 at The Cairns Spiritual Centre (booking essential)

Hazel Leung- Tel 0438 318 180



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Hazel Leung Work Life Love Balance Cairns and Worldwide

My name is Hazel and I have been working with people and their personal issues since 1989.

I use a variety of skills and tools to identify what is going to work for each individual. Changing your life is not difficult, you just have to have a basic desire for change and the willingness to come to "know" yourself with my help

How much does this cost? How much does this cost ?

That will depend upon the circumstances and your desires. A report identifying the issue could cost as little as AUS$100.00 or as much as AUS$250.00. Each person's situation is different.  After I receive your initial synopsis and an idea of what you want to achieve I will give a firm quote and outline  a plan.  If your life changes for the better then the cost is worth it. Read more under How Does this Work ?


Do you want your life to change ? 

If the answer is YES then Email me and tell me your story

Send  your birth date, birth place and birth time, if you have it, and your current place of residence.  If your question is about a move to a location some distance away let me know this destination or others you are considering.  

Telephone in Australia 0438 318180 (+61)

I live in Cairns, Queensland, Australia but I work worldwide via Skype or Email

Pay by Direct Deposit or Payal


For more information about me and my work visit 

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