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Napolean Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, wrote a book based on the philosophies of the most successful men at the time (1937).  Although things were different back then and now he would be writing about the most successful men and women what has not changed is the formula to initiate change.

Think and Grow RIch is not only about money, it is about life, a code of ethics and set of beliefs which help people to succeed at whatever they do and to maintain their success.  It is a great book so go read it.  

The first step in the book is "Desire"  

This does not mean greed and drooling over a new car or whatever.  It is the key to anything when you think about it.  Change cannot happen without


You have to want something in order to find out how to achieve it

When you get sick of whatever is happening in your life hopefully it will lead to a "desire for change"  If it does your next step is discovery.  You need to know  

What is happening ?

What do I "want" to happen ?

How can I change it ?

There are a few more questions you will need to ask, one  is

"Why do things always turn out the same?"

No matter how hard you try to change the way you do things if the outcome is always the same then you are stuck in a recurring pattern and its source will be in your unconscious mind  or it could also be emotionally or spiritually based.  My job is to find the questions you need to ask and answer yourself.  I will give clues  which will lead you to your own unique inner wisdom and sometimes I will tell you directly the things you need to become more aware of but, in my experience, the realisations people come by themselves (with a little help) are always the most powerful. This is why it is better to help people to find their own answers rather than give them a standard formula for life coaching.  I do this by helping people to understand themselves and why they do what they do. 

There are many reasons we get stuck, some relate to conditioning when we are in our formative years, some are related to unconscious fears and even our own self assessment at certain levels.  In order to be a winner at the game of life your conscious and unconscious mind needs to believe it is possible.  Your conscious and unconscious need to be on the same page and in the same book.

You may see many successful people lose everything.  This is because there is a lack of alignment between their conscious choices and their internal belief system.  The key to success in anything relates to personal, emotional, mental and spiritual integration.

You may have read motivational books and done courses which cost a lot of money but if you do not seem to make much progress then  you need to find the deeper reason behind your lack of  success.

In my own journey this kind of thing caused me to ask questions which led me down many paths.  My quest initially took me to psychology, human nature did fascinate me but still it did not reach deep enough or tell me the reasons why.  

Desire is a funny thing, once you express a desire it seems that opportunities arise to help teach you what you need to know.  My next path was astrology.  This may seem a bit off the wall but astrology is not about sun sign columns and fluffy, vague stuff.

In 1989 I discovered modern western astrology and began to study it and apply it to human behaviours.  Still it was not enough.  In 1994 there was an astrology conference held in the Sydney Hilton so off I went to see what I could learn.

This turned out the be a good choice, there were speakers from all over the world and four struck a chord with me. These four were the project hindsight astrologers, Lee Lehman, Robert Hand, Robert Zoller and Robert Schmidt. The latter is the only one associated with Project Hindsight now but, at the time, these very learned people were interpreting ancient texts and trying to make sense of many of the lost techniques and as they spoke I kept thinking "this is it".   I bought some of their books and went off to learn more about these old techniques. Eventually I undertook the Diploma in Medieval Astrology Course with Robert Zoller.  

The knowledge I gained in this course forms the basis for my insights into people and the things that happen to them in life.  Although a person's natal chart is a map of their life from birth to death there is an escape clause called the Almuten Figuris, the dominator of the figure.  This important planet in the chart shows the very thing that prevents people from reaching their highest potential.  If they can gain self knowledge it eventually leads to wisdom and a change in the outcome of their lives.

I found this information very useful because I could then tell people what the problem was.  However, I could not take them to the source so that they could fully understand it and change it forever.  

My quest continued and I discovered a form of meditation that was easier than other techinques and far more effective.  It is easy and it is life changing.  I added it to my toolbox. I also undertook a course in kinesiology and another in meditative hypnotherapy which proved to be very useful too.  

Later, after prompting from a client, I began to work with people on a one on one basis at deeper levels, helping them to go back to the source which allowed them to change their beliefs and perceptions for themselves.   I also ran some personal development workshops to help people change their lives.  

Over the years I have added more knowledge and skills. Kinesiology and meditative hypnotherapy are powerful ways to help people answer their own questions and to  clear up old issues that prevent them from thriving.  It is like being set free sometimes emotionally and sometimes unconsciously

The one thing I have discovered over the years is that you never know what is causing people to do what they do.  I use my skills to bring the kind of insights that are relevant to individuals not to the masses in general. My job is to help people to understand themselves and to find the best possible way that they can create the magic in life for themselves.  I like to help people to become personally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually independent so that they always come from a position of strength.


 I work via email, in person and also via Skype so there are plenty of ways you can ask for my assistance if you feel you need it.  

Payment is either cash in person, direct deposit in Australia or via Paypal.


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