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Life Coaching usually involves positive affirmations, setting goals, changing beliefs and attitudes and avoiding negativity. If you have read every self help book going, watched the DVD of The Secret and pursued every avenue you know how to pursue and still don't feel that you are succeeding then there is a very good reason.

Standard Life Coaching aims to keep you positive and moving towards a goal. Your coach motivates you to keep going and with a bit of luck you may be able to mentally drag yourself to higher levels of success and happiness. What happens when the coach is not around or you meet with an obstacle? Worse still, what happens when a niggling inner voice starts to make you doubt yourself again?

The problem with this kind of positive motivation is that unconscious and subconscious forces do not work at the conscious mental level, they are subliminal and these are the things which cause us to make the decisions we make in life, both good and bad. The unconscious or subconscious is where those niggling little voices come from, we have to listen to them before we can rise above them. We have to integrate, rather than deny or ignore them..

Therefore, it makes sense to develop self-knowledge and self-understanding so that success becomes easy and more natural. Most important of all it should also be permanent and not subject to swings or reversals of fortune.

My aim, using all the modalities at my disposal, is to light the light inside so that you are connected to the source of your own power. You know your strengths and weaknesses, you know the source of your power and feel centred in a simple and easy way. No struggles, no hard work, just a sense that all is right with the world. My aim is to help you to become independent, in command of your own destiny and able to maintain motivation - no matter what.

The First Step. The difference between my Life Coaching and other Life Coaching formulas is that I begin by using Astrology. I can see what issues you will have in life, your attitudes, beliefs and how you came by them. I can also see solutions too and I can help to raise your self-awareness. Self-knowledge leads to wisdom, to gnosis, and the state where all things are possible. I can also see if there are any unconscious issues and self sabotaging habits so it is a simple thing for me to find what works for you and what needs some attention. The issues I can see in a natal chart are the things which will undermine your confidence and success in life, they are well worth investigating, it will change your life.

The second step is likely to include some affirmations as with other Life Coaching formulas but the fundamental difference is that I test these with kiniesiology. The statement "I am now ready to find love and happiness" or " I am now able to accept financial abundance in my life" will invoke subconscious and unconscious responses which will be attached to old memories or experiences. These need to be cleared if you are to succeed in any area of life. Your unconscious mind answers the questions and so the source of negativity is easily found. Testing continues until the age, type of emotion and event is identified. I then guide you deeper so that you may go back to the source and clear it yourself with guidance and help from me every step of the way.

The third step is likely to involve some kind of meditation which you practice on your own throughout life. It helps to keep you centred and to see the bigger picture in all things.

The fourth step is likely to include some ongoing coaching which also includes exercises to help you master the more mundane areas of life. This is personal and individually tailored to your needs.

The Process

Success comes, not through tricking yourself into being positive at a superficial mental, level but by finding out what holds you back and resolving it yourself with a little help from me. You would be amazed at what kinds of issues people find when they come with me on this journey. Usually it is something that they had completely forgotten about and did not think was significant, and yet it colours their lives causing recurrence of the same situations over and over. Break your patterns, find their source and change your reality.

You may believe that avoiding negative people and situations is the answer to achieving your dreams but from my perspective it is just avoidance behaviour. My aim is to help you to be so centred that nothing can influence you. If you know all there is to know about yourself and have developed a strong sense of acceptance and gratitude then you will thrive no matter what the environment. You can give up smoking whilst spending time amongst smokers, you can raise financial status amongst people who struggle. It is important to know you need to be in your power and if you are in your power nothing can stop you from achieving any goal.

Make it positive and permanent and develop the awareness, self-knowledge and gnosis yourself in small steps. You are unique and therefore need a program tailored to your needs, not a formula applied to everyone. You need to know your bottom line, what unconscious forces are at work and how you can overcome these things and live a life with ease and happiness.




I can help you with general life conditions or with an individual item you find difficult to understand or master. Cost will vary depending upon requirements but here is a bit of a guide to some of the steps we might take.

Initial consultation 1 to 2 hours $AUS$80.00 TO $140.00

Checking your life conditions so that you may change the fate that was bestowed upon you by the accident of your birth. It is possible to be fated and to escape this fate. The medieval astrology technique associated with this is also the way to connect to the source, to your higher source and the supreme intelligence that makes all things possible. This is not off the wall, it is the source of connection to infinite wisdom and abundance in life. It is magic and yet it will have a purely physical cause. Find out what your cause is and overcome it, placing yourself on an easier and more fulfilling life path. Cost is $150.00 and includes a comprehensive report and some solutions to help you to know and understand yourself better so you can change the outcomes of your life.

Testing affirmations to make sure there are no hidden secrets which will trip you up. Guiding you to the source of issues About 1 hour AUS$100.00.

Meditation such as life changing and empowering four week, Life Changing Meditation Techniques course is AUS$400.00. Sometimes I teach this in small groups and the cost is less

Ongoing Coaching at the rate of $80.00 per hour. I do not usually have to do too many sessions, onc eyou develop an understanding you will see life unfolding and be able to change it for yourself.

Although making life changes takes time I would expect you to be well on your way after the first week, growing from strength to strength each week. This is permanent change and you will be rewarded in many ways for taking the journey. Unlike some Life Coaching programs where you pay a high up front cost you can pay as you go although discounts do apply if you commit to a program of recommendations reached after the initial consultation.

We are fated in Life, we do have a Destiny, 
but there is an escape clause. 
This is your opportunity to

"Learn About Your Life"

So that, with my help, you might change your reality

Areas we might cover

Self Identification to find the essence of who you are: Without a spark and without some passion it is difficult to live an enlightened and abundant life.

Financial Abundance, creating a flow and maintaining wealth: The latter is important, if you have abundance find out how to keep it.

Getting on with Others resolving difficult relationships: If you find yourself in difficult relationships there could be a way to change this. If you have a particular or pressing conflict there are solutions for this too.

Harmonious Home. Of course one cannot control family members but you can change the way they transact with each other if you have the knowledge of why they do what they do and why you do what you do.

Children. They don't come with manuals I hear people say but they would be wrong. The Birth chart is the owners manual, it shows life from birth to death and all the struggles and joys in between. As well as this there is the dynamic interaction between people, some people clash over certain things and it is important to know why. Greater understanding leads to greater acceptance and then harmony.

Health and Daily Routine: Habits and rituals are important in life, if you have some that do not serve you well then you can find out why you do what you do and how to change it.

Relationships: We go to school to learn certain things but no one actually teaches us specifically about relating. We learn this from our childhood impression of adults around us and in making our assumptions we may get it wrong or we may do what they did even though as adults we know this may not work. When two people with differing needs attempt to combine lives there will always be compromises and difficulties. Understanding your own needs within a relationship and the needs of others can strengthen the bonds. A lack of understanding will only weaken those important bonds. There really is only one relationship in life and that is the one you have with yourself. Your ability to relate to others and the people and things you attract in life are reflections of how you feel about yourself at deeply subconscious and unconscious levels. Once you have insights into the dynamics of your relationships and how these relate to inner turmoil or harmony you have a greater chance of experiencing fulfilling relationships

Beliefs: We think of beliefs in religious terms and yet beliefs, both large and small, govern every waking moment of our life. Do your beliefs work in your best interests or do they work against you? I have come across clients who believed the only way to get ahead was to work hard. Working hard was to be admired, they heard their adults say so in childhood. Sometimes such a suggestion is planted and it rules our lives. if you have an unconscious belief that you have to work hard, when you reach easy street the belief should change. If the belief does not change you may find yourself with a material reversal of fortune so that your belief can continue to play out and allow you to work hard. If unconsciously you do not like or love yourself you will either attract people who validate this or reject people who might challenge the belief so that you must come to raise your self esteem to more healthy levels before you can give and receive unconditional love.

Career and Destiny: Some people seem content with their life direction, others are not. Then there are those who would just like to check they are headed in the right direction and whether or not they could make improvements. Whether you are lost and confused or just want to make sure you are doing the best you can do, checking your destiny or career path is bound to make life easier and more rewarding

Hopes and Life Goals: Some people maintain their hopes and wishes and dreams, others give them up for the sake of survival. It is possible to have long range goals and have fun now but it can require balance and harmony within. This does not have to be hard work, getting life to flow to you is not as difficult as you think.

Self Sabotaging: It is inconceivable that we would knowingly create obstacles and setbacks in life but we do so unconsciously. In order to find out why we do what we do and to overcome the possibility of making life choices which do not lead to success and happiness it is important to see what lurks in the recesses or our psyche. You can work hard and reach material abundance or a state of happiness in a relationship but if you have unconscious "issues" which relate to self deserving then you may unwittingly destroy your success. No one wants to do that so it is important to look at unconscious, own worst enemy syndromes. Once you know what they are you can avoid them or take steps to make sure you don't trip yourself up in life.

If you have any concerns, whether lifelong or fleeting, you could benefit from some extra knowledge and coaching. By doing life differently the outcome will change, if you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you always get.


Make life easier, make life better.

Do you want your life to change ? 

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Send  your birth date, birth place and birth time, if you have it, and your current place of residence.  If your question is about a move to a location some distance away let me know this destination or others you are considering.  

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Hazel Leung work life love balance cairns and worldwide My name is Hazel and I have been working with people and their personal issues since 1989.

I use a variety of skills and tools to identify what is going to work for each individual. Changing your life is not difficult, you just have to have a basic desire for change and the willingness to really come to "know" yourself with my help.
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